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Your membership will be reviewed and informed within 24 hours.
To speed up the membership process, you can contact with us 09:00 am to 06:00 pm during the weekdays.

+90 212 520 56 89 +90 555 890 56 89

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Firstly , your membership must be approved to start shopping.
  • Approved members can shop 7 days, 24 hours
  • You can start selling immediately by displaying our products with your pictures.
  • you can sell in your store or your on the web site and on social networks (Instagram,Facebook,Pinterest etc.)
  • You can order as much as you want from our internet site and you can get receive from the cargo company or our warehouse
  • Products are delivered to cargo within 24 hours at the latest.
  • you can get receieve your contracted cargo company or E-bijuteri 's contracted cargo company .
  • The price of the products is not with VAT. All products sold with (by) invoices
  • you can sell with a debit card or credit cart or you can receive pay at the door (There is an extra amount.)
  • You can see all of your orders, current transactions and payments from the dealer panel after logging in.

Your order is cargoed within 24 hours, except on weekends

All payments for your order

  • You can buy with all Credit Cards and Yada ATM Debit Cards from Ebijuteri.com With 256 bit high security encryption
  • You can pay by bank transfer.If it doesnt reach the money to us within 24 hours, the order is automatically canceled
  • You can pay with advance payment by credit card for orders to be delivered to warehouse

We have DropShipping service.your orders go directly to the customer with this service.This operation is part of a private service and there ise price.

Your membership must be approved to view stock and products.Your membership must be approved for shopping and all other transactions.

Sosyal platformlarda ürün resimlerimizi kullanarak satış yapabilirsiniz.

We have xml service. xml service is included in the service charge of 1000 TL. This charge will be deducted when your shopping amount exceeds 1000 TL. After , When you buy product from us , you will receive the money again.

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